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The Peterson Institute hosted an internal round-table discussion on the dynamics of IOCs and the need for greater regulation. Martin Chorzempa will join the Expert Series on December 7th to outline his thoughts on China P2P lending. https://piie.com/experts/peterson-perspectives/initial-coin-offerings-icos-are-valuable-need-strong-regulations

Good synopsis. what is increasingly clear to me is that the ICO's are as much a punt of Ether or Bitcoin for the underlying start-up. Because the ICO is funded with Ether or Bitcoin, the start up will be subjected to the price swings of these cryptocurrencies and i am going to make the assumption that none of them hedge. Awesome when they are rallying but when they turn, it will feed on itself. The start up could raise say $25 and see that number fall if the price of Ether falls. Beyond volatile