From Machine Guns to Lawn Mowers

Discover how this Infantry Marine began multiple businesses after coming home from Afghanistan and now has a BOOMING lawn care & landscaping business!

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Some veterans get shot by the entrepreneurship bug after getting out of the military. I did. And Aaron Throckmorton is another prime, and inspiring, example.

After completing his time in the Marines and deployment to Afghanistan, Aaron bounced around a bit trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Like many other transitioning veterans, finding that one business opportunity that really gets you motivated can seem like chasing a ghost.

The civilian world and marketplace is a new war zone, with new enemies, and you don't have your platoon by your side anymore (is it any wonder why some veterans struggle so much through their transition?)

In this interview exclusive, Aaron talks about how he found his present opportunity, other opportunities that worked, lessons from ones that didn't, and what you can do to transition out of the military and into entrepreneurship!

Watch this video for real world business advice from a successful business owner, Marine, and serial entrepreneur.

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