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The Untold Story of One Soldier's Personal Encounter With a Suicide Bomber

You'll feel like you're on patrol with Brian in mountains of Afghanistan as you read his first-hand account of the war- written while he was deployed. From tragedy to triumph, from his vehicle being blown up twice, attacked by a suicide bomber, to speaking on stages across the globe, this book will inspire you and your loved ones to overcome the challenges you may be facing.

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How Extreme Survivors Overcome Massive Challenges

"You Have a 100% Chance of Taking Back Control of Your Life & Sanity"

This book was originally produced as a transcription of a talk on human resilience given by Brian Fleming to a group of combat veterans after they'd returned home from war.

The lessons discussed in this booklet have helped hundreds of thousands of people across the globe take back control of their lives after enduring unthinkable loss, extreme trauma, and total life devastation.

If you want to know how the world's most resilient people take back control of their lives and how you can begin doing the same, invest the next few minutes in reading this short, powerful book!