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3 Steps to Start Networking

Never underestimate the power of lifting others up!
You have an incredible potential to impact others' lives and your own: reach out and offer your services and ask how you can promote them as well.

Never underestimate the power of networking.

It's an incredible impact to have on others' lives and your own when you reach out and offer your services and ask how you can promote them.

Step One: Ask yourself, how are you connected already? What groups of people are you in touch with? Does your business idea benefit them in some way? Let them know you are interested in helping them, and you may find they reciprocate. Regardless, you will get a headstart on your business you would not have had if it stewed in private on a web page.

Step Two: Look for local Chambers of Commerce. Attend their free events and judge whether a yearly membership would help you.

Step Three: Look for conferences. Put them in your budget. As an entrepreneur, it will be YOUR responsibility to seek out training; no one will tell you where to go or when! This is different from Sergeants' Time, where everyone in the unit had to attend weekly.

Step Four: Look for events. Try Google search, or Facebook search by location or topic. For example, MilBlogging is a great conference to attend. Get connected quickly, in person, with others with similar goals. https://milblogging.com/

Wendy, I've also found Facebook to be a really great place to network. FB groups are filled with like minded people and it is fairly easy to find those who would be your ideal audience. Great for learning more about your customer base and what they need/what their pain points are. What are your thoughts on this kind of digital networking?


It's true!

Groups are great places to network; although, the follow through has been a challenge for me, as I sometimes feel as if I'm competing for attention on Facebook. I personally prefer changing those connections into in-person or on-video conference connections.


@WendyD Excellent insight! This stuff is so much more simple than people often make it out to be. Consistency and value are key!