Trump Celebrates Great Relationship with the Murderer President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines

Upon assuming the presidency in May of 2016, Duterte called for the murder of people who use or sell drugs, promising medals for citizens who comply and pardons for police if they are charged with human rights violations.

Trump Celebrates “Great Relationship” With Philippine President Duterte

Today, U.S. President Donald Trump celebrated his “great relationship” with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who is responsible for waging a brutal war on drugs that has killed thousands of people.

Upon assuming the presidency in May of 2016, Duterte called for the murder of people who use or sell drugs, promising medals for citizens who comply and pardons for police if they are charged with human rights violations while carrying out the executions. Since then, estimates for the number of people killed in Duterte’s drug war range from 7,000 up to 14,000. These extrajudicial killings have largely claimed the lives of the country’s most marginalized and vulnerable citizens, including those who are unemployed or underemployed.

Today, Trump and Duterte had their first in-person meeting on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in the Philippines. According to Duterte’s spokesperson, when Duterte spoke of the “drug menace” in his country during their bilateral meeting today, Trump did not broach the topic of human rights or express any concerns about Duterte’s drug war.

This is not the first time Trump has offered praise to Duterte. In April, Trump invited Duterte to the White House and commended Duterte for “fighting hard” to rid the Philippines of drugs.

Last Thursday, in advance of the ASEAN Summit, over 270 non-governmental organizations, political leaders, and human rights advocates released a joint statement calling on world leaders attending the ASEAN Summit to demand an end to the killings in the Philippines, a respect for human rights, and a process of accountability, starting with a United Nations-led investigation.

Below is a statement from Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance:

“Trump’s silence in the face of the massive bloodshed under Duterte speaks volumes about his own craven approach to drug policy. Trump has not pushed for executions of people who use drugs, but he is—like Duterte—using drugs as a way to stoke fear among his supporters, and as an excuse for ramping up draconian criminal justice and immigration policies in the US. His ‘great’ relationship with Duterte is yet another chilling sign that the life, rights, and wellbeing of vulnerable people are not high on his list of priorities, including when it comes to the war on drugs.”

Hey guy who ever wrote this article has not done enough research on this topic!

I know this for fact because I live in the Philippines 6 months out of the year, and travel back and forth for business and family you may want to bash Pres. Trump but your all wrong About Pres. Duterte, these so called human rights groups that prop up these stories on the Pres. of the Philippines are politically driven by the oppositions the oligarchs and multi national corperation

wanting to take down the President so that they can dictate there agenda and use the Philippines as a dumping ground for all there trash and steal the natural resouses of the country, by economic warfare creating economic imbalances for economic civil unrest, then introduce social warfare by destroying the youth of the country flooding streets with really warm full synthetic drugs like Shabu drugs so bad that there is no real rehab because it shrinks the brain so these kids turn out to be violent psycho zombies and killers this for real look at the kids who use Flaka in the US. which brings to point there have been 5000 or so deaths due to drug raids

drug dealers and crime syndicates in the Philippines this year!

and the human rights advocates are complaining but here in the US along this year there were 60,000 deaths attributed to drug as well as police shooting of innocent people but you don't hear the human rights advocate complaining or taking it up to the UN. Why?