Judge Recognizes Medical Cannabis Works, Delays Decision in Lawsuit

The medical cannabis lawsuit against Jeff Sessions and the DEA had its first hearing in a federal court today.

Today, a landmark moment happened in the history of the cannabis movement as the legal team from Hiller, PC and their colleagues from the Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) went to court for a hearing in a lawsuit against the federal government where they gave their oral statements to defeat the government's motion to dismiss the case.

After hearing arguments from both sides in a Federal Court in New York City, Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein did not make a decision. He stated that he needed more time to review the case. The plaintiffs are hoping to have a decision in the next couple of days.

Lauren Rudick is a partner in the Hiller, PC legal team and said, "We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support at the courthouse today, and were truly feeling the love on Valentine's Day! There were so many advocates here and it means so much to us and this case. To us, this is a human rights issue with deep roots in social justice, and an issue we won't stop at. One of the most important takeaways from the Judge is that he recognized that medical cannabis is in fact working for the plaintiffs in our case. This correlates directly with our complaint in the lawsuit."

You can read the full text of the complaint, but essentially the lawsuit contends that the federal government is violating the plaintiffs rights to have access to their medicine. In their complaint, plaintiffs demonstrate that the government does not, and could not possibly, believe that cannabis meets the definition of a Schedule I drug, which is reserved for the most dangerous of substances, while cocaine and crystal meth are considered Schedule II drugs and are thus considered less addictive and less dangerous.

As you may know Hiller, PC filed this lawsuit in July, 2017. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as it pertains to cannabis. In a 90-page Complaint, attorneys representing five plaintiffs maintain that the CSA, in classifying cannabis as a “Schedule I drug,” is so irrational that it violates the U.S. Constitution. Among the other claims in the lawsuit are that the CSA: was enacted and implemented in order to discriminate against African Americans and to suppress people’s First Amendment rights; and that it violates their plaintiffs’ constitutional Right to Travel.

One of the plaintiffs is Alexis Bortell, a 12 year girl who uses a cannabis oil to prevent life-threatening epileptic seizures. She takes the oil orally twice a day, and always keeps a THC spray on hand in case she experiences a pre-seizure aura. Alexis did not have access to cannabis when she lived in Texas, and when doctors there were left with no other option than to suggest an experimental lobotomy, her parents moved to Colorado. They knew cannabis had to be better than removing a portion of Bortell's brain. Thanks to cannabis medicine, she has now been seizure free for over 2 years, where in Texas she was lucky if she could go 3 days without one.

Other plaintiffs include retired NFL player and Super Bowl Champion, Marvin Washington, the Cannabis Cultural Association, whose membership includes many People of Color who contend that the CSA was enacted and has been enforced in a discriminatory manner, Jagger Cotte, a six-year old Georgia boy suffering from Leigh’s Disease, and disabled military combat veteran Jose Belen.

I look forward to following the next steps of this case...comment below and let me know what you are most interested in learning about it!

This is an amazing thing! Im so glad the judge recognized cannabis as medicine. That should stir up things a little at the DEA office! This is one small victory in the right direction!


Cannabis is Medicine, there is no way they can deny it any longer. #IStandWithAlexis #IStandWithJagger


GOD bless this little girl and her parents!




We have a humanitarian right to this plant.


my brain [temporal lobe grand mal epilepsy] was progressively lessened until stopped using cannabis, as the plaintif girls epilepsy has been controlled by cannabidios of cannabis interacting with brains our brains endo-cannabinoid system..

judge hellerstein recognising cannabis therapeutic value ['it works'] is acknowledging the reality of human brain endo-cannabinoid systems together with natural cbds of the human body and brain together with plant cbds as in cannabis sativa..

to deny cannabis interactions with human brains endo-cannabidoid system as general sessions and co in scheduling cannabis with heroin etc, is to admit ignorance of basic human physiology, brain structure and functions.. ignorance bordering upon

criminality,, especially for a person responsible for scheduling in usa..

for those who believe in a creator god, who created human beings,, and plants,, our brains endo-cannabinoid system with its specific uses of cbds produced in our bodies and brains - together with plant produced cbds - must recognise that cannabis is - obviously - a gift from god...

I agree 100%! Regardless of the outcome of this case ultimately, this is a big victory for our movement overall. Thanks for sharing!


I have a son the same age as Alexis and I cannot even imagine the amount of courage and emotional strength that they must pull together to be doing what they are. Eternal gratitude to Alexis and her family for being warriors in this drug war for ALL of us!

Thank you for sharing your story! And for being another fighter against cannabis prohibition! I agree that by the Judge making this recognition he is stating that cannabis IS medicine and that has huge implications for this lawsuit and for this movement overall.


I would respectfully ask Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein Google...Government Patents Marijuana and see the 13 Patents our Government has on the books, all the world's medical research, and what all it does medically. The Patent Office needs proof for such Patents. It kind of put a hole in the Government's arguments of No Medical Use, More Research is Needed, and it's as Bad as Heroin, Isn't it time to quit destroying families, jobs because of a law that has no merit based on lies to control hippies and blacks? FreetheLeaf!

Not only will this clear the way for access to this amazing plant, it will also allow for the access for business owners to merchant services, allowing us to grow and innovate in the open and not in this grey area. I believe it's a good sign to see the judge not rushing to conclusions.

Schedule ONE is a mountain of Government BS intrusion! I personally use MMJ for pain, PTSD, Sleep, Agent Orange Neuropathy! IT WORKS! It works better & more safely than the handful of VA pills that I had to wean myself off over a 6 month tug of war!I used Mj for 15 yrs every day to control/relieve my PTSD after 13 months in a war zone! I then walked away(no Addiction) and ran a PLBG Business for 25yrs! Now I use it for pain which it relieves 90%, sleep which I now get 4-6 hrs of good sleep, my PTSD resurfaced after 911, MMJ helps! A War Vet friend of mine gets Migraines every other day, MMJ has stopped them in their tracks! Take this to the judge!