I think it's pretty crazy doctors to give you pain pills that can make you addicted or even kill you dr. Gave me Lyrica I took for 5 days was hospitalized for 21 days what's the time I was there I was nice of you ward and I have some pretty bad symptoms my throat was closing and I was on an oxygen whole time I was there the doctor said I was lucky to be alive doctors gave me fentanyl patches my body was xorbin the patches up like they was leaking the doctors thought I was eating it the levels was so high so I had to stay overnight at the hospital and they treated me for an overdose and two days later I put a patch on and my body consume 75 mg of Fentanyl and 4 hours I told my therapist and she gave me a big hug and said lucky big kill you I called the manufacturer and told him what happened I told him I did my research and it said they had defected patches out there and they was rapid releasing and they want to know what you want us to do and I said you could at least pay for that hospital bill because what happened and they said it's just sent us the patches and but they said they couldn't help me why is it the doctors can give you these deadly medications and the government allows them to do it but they won't let habit you should be able to grow your own medicine put a stop to these crazy pills

We couldn't agree more! It is crazy that people who are prescribed pain pills aren't also given safe access to medical marijuana.

Because at end of the day , they care more about $$$$ than they do patient’s lives !