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SO many women I have met who would have never tried cannabis otherwise tried it for the first time to alleviate symptoms that were associated with their menstrual cycle. I have yet to find a medicine that helps as much as cannabis does for this monthly, recurring condition that women deal with. Thanks to Push Mag for putting together a list of their favorite products for this!

Thanks for sharing! I couldn't agree more. I find that terpenes from cannabis strains also help for that time of the month. I started adding Lime OG Kush to my vaporizer and it helps me relax, it's also supposed to have pain relieving effects. So far I've tried https://www.true-blue.co/products/lime-og-terpenes and love it.

Watching my friends in college who were non-weed smokers smoke and get relief from their periods was my first real life experience with the medicinal effects of cannabis. True story.