Please Help! Need advice on grow

A description of my grow. I just started it a while ago and I really appreciate any advice I can get.

Hi everyone,
Just finished the veg stage with these plants. started the transition week today and then starting flowering next week. I was just wondering how my plants look, if y'all have any general tips, and why this one plant in particular (The 3rd plant from the left) has some lighter green leaves on it. The other plants are a healthy dark green as you can see and I'm wondering what would make the leaves turn more light green like that. From everything I've read it looks like a mg deficiency, but I think it could also be the ph being off. I'm going to test the ph tonight and then I'll get back to you, but it should be between 5.8-6.4. I'm also going to put up a netting to support the plants through the flowering stage. This is my first time I've used nutrients and I'm takin it pretty easy with them . Do y'all have any tips? Thank you so much I hope you're well.

~ Legov ~

This is the yellow one

Your plants look great, but you are right that one plant has some issues going on. Maybe MG but I would thought is it might be a Nitrogen deficiency. Keep on the nutrients and add a little extra Nitrogen to that one plant and see how it goes.

Nitrogen could be an issue, you say your transitioning those beauties for 12/12 (Flowering).. im assuming you backed off on feeding the plants nitrogen , or at least lowered there intake. Plants in Flower need phosphorus over nitrogen. Nitrogen for veg, Phosphorus for flower. Looks like maybe you quite giving nitrogen completely, thinking you are transitioning your plant. Making your plant stop nitrogen intake cold turkey. You could possibly be starving your baby by mistake, I may be wrong, you can find out by lettin that single plant veg a bit longer and hit her with a lil nitrogen and see what happens. Feed her nitrogen and leave her alone for a few hrs, if thats the issue, when you check in oN her, she should look more happy, she will have the thank you look. #2.. If you started her on Phosphorus already, even in a low dose to get her a taste for it, you could still maybe overdosing the plant on Phosphorus. Not real sure yet, what nutrients are you using, what soil, can you tell me everything you have fed your plants. The grow room temp, the humidity in the room when the lights are on as well as the reading while lights out. Ph can kinda be ignored for the most part as long as room temp, room humidity, c2 intake allong with well circulated air. Not just air from left to right but also from above blowing down on the top and air flow blowing from below up. Im not a know it all, i just love the green plants and watching them grow. i will help out any way i can. I remember when i first started. Remember, ask, listen, and dont be affraid to try things with your plants. Trial and error is the best teacher. I would deffinetly take that one plant out and vegg longer. Take her out, flower the others and if you get back to me i will give you alot of advice and give you instructions if ud like, and you can do to that plant my suggestions and you will see how much these plants will give you. I can instruct you on things to do, you will get just a small ammount less of a yeild from that one plant than all the others put together. Most important thing to always remember, practice makes perfect and also gives tons and tons of knowledge... Also, all plants are not the same, even some plants of the same exact strain grows differently, some take to nutes great and others get to hot and get burned, shocked, stunted, and catch all sorts of deficiencies. .

I forgot to tell you one thing. Its very vital that you take this statement to heart over all others. Be patient, PATIENCE IS KEY.. If you love and nurture these beautiful plants, i promise you, they will give back way more than you can imagine..