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Have You Been a Human Marijuana Fog Machine?

Have you ever been at a concert puffing on your favorite nug

Blowin’ a huge hit out towards the stage and thought,”I could be a human marijuana fog machine?.” I have.

I remember at a Cypress Hill show in St. Louis back in the 90’s when they brought out a HUGE 5-8ft. bong that started filling the stage with (what I assumed was real) marijuana smoke.

When they brought the bong out it triggered a mass reaction and everyone lit up. That is when I thought,”this is how to become a human marijuana fog machine at a concert.”

My friend, Josh Taylor, is one of my favorite cannabis writers. He covers all things cannabis for the Portland Mercury– a Portland, Oregon weekly Magazine. I just read his latest piece, I Was a Human Fog Machine, and instantly thought about my experience at the Cypress Hill concert.