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Briteside Cannabis Delivery Service Launches Discovery Box in Oregon

Briteside's Discovery Box is a recurring service that delivers multiple preferred cannabis products with one Discovery item, encouraging product​ ​discovery​.

Briteside’s e-commerce platform offers “to-your-doorstep” delivery and in-store pickup in multiple Oregon markets

When states pass adult-use/recreational cannabis laws, one of the hottest topics has always been delivery. As the industry in Oregon has rolled out, I have watched several companies work through business and compliance issues in this sector. Well, we are excited to share with you that Briteside, an Oregon-based cananbis delivery company, has launched sign-ups for a recurring service called Discovery Box. This service will allow for same-day cannabis delivery and in-store pickup for medical and recreational consumers in Portland, Bend and Ashland, Oregon.

Discovery Box gives consumers the ability to select their favorite cannabis products and have them delivered on their preferred schedule, while also having the ability to try new items, tailored to their tastes.

“We're excited to work with Briteside since their e-commerce platform lets our customers know exactly what products we have in stock," said Mike Hayes, Co-Owner of Miracle Greens, a Bend, Oregon-based dispensary. "Additionally, their platform allows us to better understand and anticipate consumer demand."

Briteside’s e-commerce platform allows a partnering dispensary to easily take its business online and showcase its available product selection for consumers to review and order via the Briteside website. Customers may then order products of their choosing and enjoy residential delivery or in-store pickup.

“We’re here to make life simpler for the cannabis consumer,” said Justin Junda
cofounder and CEO of Briteside. “Three of the biggest pain points for cannabis customers are knowing if their favorite products are actually in-stock at their preferred dispensary, waiting in long lines to make their purchases, and for some, especially those with health impediments, just getting to a dispensary can be a chore. Together with our partner dispensaries, we’re alleviating these all-too-common pains.”

Built in compliance with state and local rules, Briteside guarantees delivery in as little as 90-minutes in Portland, Bend and Ashland, Oregon where residential deliveries are permitted. For Shop Now in-store pickup, Briteside offers same-day pickups at times chosen by the customer during online checkout.

Briteside helps dispensaries sell more products and receive feedback on customer preferences and satisfaction. At launch, Briteside is partnering with Madrone in Portland and Ashland, and Miracle Greens in Bend. Briteside aims to collaborate with more dispensaries across additional Oregon locales, and is committed to improving feedback mechanisms and creating more accurate inventory tracking.


: Founded in 2017, Briteside is cannabis company on a mission to streamline the disjointed nature of the cannabis industry from production and extraction to purchasing and delivery. Briteside makes ordering and obtaining cannabis more enjoyable for consumers, while also helping dispensaries track inventory, reach consumers and sell more product. Launched in Oregon, Briteside aims to make quality cannabis products more accessible and affordable for legal medical and recreational users. For more information, visit their [website.*](​​www.brtside.com)