$20 For Seven Grams Of Marijuana At Participating Oregon Dispensaries

I have never went out shopping on Black Friday.

I have gone out to get food, like any other day, but I have never sat in line for deals or woke up early to get to stores when they open. I don’t need a new television every year. Plus I don’t like shopping at huge box stores the day after Thanksgiving, or really any day for that matter. I prefer to keep it local.

This is the first Black Friday since legal recreational marijuana sales started in Oregon.Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge and the CO2 Company have teamed up with OG Analytical to do something new in Oregon – Green Friday. The concept behind Green Friday is very straight forward. Essentially, 50 Oregon growers have pooled together a total of 100 pounds. Those pounds will be distributed to dispensaries all over Oregon that will sell seven grams for $20. When the Green Friday quarters run out, they are out. Below are FAQ’s about the Green Friday effort, via the event’s website:

Q: What’s a “Green Friday”?

A: It’s like the “Black Friday” sales, but for cannabis. On Friday Nov. 27th, about 25 dispensaries around the state are going to be selling quarter ounces from Southern Oregon for $20. Each quarter will be packaged in a glass jar, and comes with a directory of all the participating farmers. As with all cannabis sold in Oregon, it will be lab tested for potency, and screened for pesticides, molds, etc. Thanks to our always awesome lab partner, OG Analytical.

Q: Wait, $20 for a Quarter ounce? I’ll take 3 pounds, please.

A: Sorry, as with all Adult Use cannabis purchases in Oregon, you will need to be 21 and over with ID, and you are limited to a quarter ounce purchase per day. OMMP cardholders are limited to one quarter of Green Friday flower, but can purchase additional products from the Dispensary.

Q: Is this schwag? I don’t smoke schwag, man.

A: I hear you, and no, it’s a curated collection of Southern Oregon eco­friendly cannabis. We’ve partnered up with 50 farms, and they are sending up a wide variety of strains and types of flower. Sun grown cannabis is fantastic, and we wanted to showcase it with this year’s kick off of Green Friday.

Q: Do I buy a ticket? Make a reservation?

A: The participating dispensaries have been allocated 2 pounds each, which equals 128 quarters per dispensary. When they sell out, that’s it. Find a dispensary near you, (we’ve listed them here) and arrive early. But not too early. Sleeping overnight on Thanksgiving night, on the sidewalk, to obtain a deeply discounted quarter isn’t the best call, on several levels. And to avoid Black Friday­style bad manners, be cool. No cuts, pushing, etc. You know how to behave, so behave.

Q: I still have questions.

A: Excellent, Seeker of Knowledge! Send them to Josh here at info@greenfridaypdx.com

Below are the participating dispensaries as of this post: