Yums x Soulja Boy – Fall 2008 Sneaker Releases

In February we posted a video which showed Soulja Boy talking about his shoe deal with Yums.

Well, today we have provide you with a detailed look at Yums Fall ’08 sneaker line. Due to the use of bright colors and patent leather dressing this collection resembles Bapes. It makes sense for Soulja Boy to endorse Yums seeing that he was once in love with A Bathing Ape. Yums most likely cut Soulja Boy a nice check, so that’s another good reason but it’s not like the young lad is hurting for money.

The collection is now available at a store near you. Retail ranges between $85-$110. We still say Nigo should have made SB some exclusive Family & Friends Bapes for that I Got Me Some Bapes hype. Check out the pics after the jump…