What's the Most Valuable Sneaker In Your Collection?

Sentimental or monetary - let's talk about it.

What's the Most Valuable Sneaker In Your Collection?

Good discussion topic, right?

I wish I could take credit for today's topic, but all praise to DJR aka DAMRUFF for shooting me this idea yesterday. I'm known to procrastinate so I wanted to make it a point to publish this today.

Not to mention it's been a minute since the last good discussion post. Everyone's meaning of value may differ on this topic so don't trip, just share your story.

On one hand, your most valuable sneaker could be something given to you by a close family member or friend. I've heard several stories about why a certain shoe means so much to someone.

For example, a young lady lost her fiancé to cancer and his favorite shoe is now her favorite because it reminds her of him. I'll also give a personal example. My dad bought me a pair of Tiffany Dunks back in 2005.

Although I have two pairs, the pair he bought me has a lot of sentimental value to me because that's the first shoe I can recall him buying for me. I always said I'm going to unDS that pair at my wedding reception. We shall see.

On the flip side, maybe you have an extremely rare, unreleased sample or autographed pair that means more to you than any other pair in your beloved collection. Maybe it's your holy grail that you were finally able to find/cop.

So, let's discuss. Share your most valuable sneaker and story in the comments.

What's the Most Valuable Sneaker In Your Collection?

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From a value perspective stock x and ebay says my Yeezy 1. but nostalgia says my green bean 5's and the red foams. the green bean 5 is the first Jordan my parents got me. so a very special thing. the red foams is the first raffle i won. boy i was lit.

Monetary wise it would be the Puma AMQ Scarred Mid Croc. Sentimental reasons it would be the Undefeated x Puma Clyde “Gametime” 24K Gold Edition as these were on feet the day my son was born