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Watch Karrueche Rate Several Hyped Sneakers

It's Karrueche and she's rating sneakers so check it out.

Watch Karrueche Rate Several Hyped Sneakers...

Karrueche is no longer Chris Brown's ex, she's her own brand and doing quite well for herself. She's definitely not a sneakerhead but like most people she enjoys having several fresh kicks in rotation.

Hypebae linked up Karrueche and asked her to rate some of the most hyped sneakers. I had to watch because I was curious which sneakers she rated, and I figured many of you would be curious too.

It's always nice to get a female's honest opinion on sneakers and fashion. Let's be honest, majority of men dress well to impress women, and who wouldn't want to impress K?

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments.

Watch Karrueche Rate Several Hyped Sneakers

Nothing special, only a Chris brown reference on this broad. Fucking someone famous, why she stay afloat, tons of cuter women. She’s pretty basic.easy pass.

had to google to find out who this is