Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Sneakers Unveiled

No more teasers. First look at Virgil's LV sneakers.

Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Sneakers Unveiled...

Here we are folks, a first look at the Virgil Abloh designed Louis Vuitton sneakers. According to LV footwear designer, the shoe is called the 408. As you can see, the sneaker takes inspiration from Jordan and Avia models.

As expected, there are a tons of mixed reviews regarding Virgil's LV sneakers. However, we all know the sneakers are going to sell well and be spotted all over the Internet and in real life.

The sneakers are part of LV's Spring/Summer 2019 men's collection, but a release date has not been issued. It's too early for a launch date, but we'll see these in luxury retailers before we know it.

Now that we have official looks, how do you feel about the sneakers? Easy pass or possible cop?

Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Sneakers Unveiled

Photos: Hypebeast & Easy

  1. Little surprised G there was no comparative analysis and mention of the Air Jordan 3?
  1. On one hand they're nice but on the other it's hard to not ask questions of originality when I start to mentally take the shoe apart.
  1. I think they nailed the late 70's/80's basketball high-top look. Definitely a very very good thing.
  1. Some parts remind me of my early 90's Etonic high-tops.

Overall not bad.

They’re cool but guaranteed they’ll be over a stack so it’s an easy pass.

Avia 880....but the better question is who are these targeted too?? especially when I'm sure the price tag will be still least one rack?

Detach Virgil from this sneaker. Do you still care? Swap the LV logos with the Skechers "S". You copping, bro? I hear crickets.

The price that is going to be on this shoe and how ridiculous that it looks for the TAG its an easy pass for a no!