TokyoMike Visits K-Skit Japan

Introducing my TSG Column.

First of all, let me start by stating the reason I chose to take pictures of this shop for my first official TSG column…..

About 3 months ago I was online looking at Jeff Staples blog, and he mentioned “a shop in Kichijoji with a ton of heat.” He then remarked something to the effect of “I’m not gonna tell anyone where this spot is…..it’s got too much good stuff in it.” Now, I understand not everyone’s gonna come over here to shop for kicks, but damn, why would a person in his position HIDE information like that?! Your the man that CREATED the Pigeon Dunk SB’s for God’s sake…..it’s not like he’s some run of the mill hater who’s just being a jackass for no reason……he’s (most likely) got access to whatever kicks he wants, so why not spread the love? Anyhow, I thought, just for laughs, and on the odd chance that someone DID come over here trying to find the shop, I’d shed some light on it……so here it is for everyone to look at and think “Holy CRAP those Japanese cats are NOT PLAYING with the whole sneaker thing!!!

The shop Mr. Hater-ass-Staple was talking about (“blogging” if you wanna get all technical about it) is called Kichijoji-Skit. It’s located in Kichijoji (Duh!,) which is more or less a suburb of Tokyo. K-Skit is located about 5 minutes from Kichijoji station and is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers in that area. I’m not certain how long it’s been there, but it’s a constant as far as shops profiled in the popular sneaker/streetwear magazines such as Samurai Mag, Street Jack, and Ollie. If anyone actually wants directions just hit me up and I’ll try to explain exactly how to get there……it’s kinda like trying to find your zipper when you REEEEEEEAAALLLLY have to use the bathroom……..frustrating, difficult, a bit scary at times, but totally worth it!

I’ve been in Japan for 16 years and this was actually my first time at Skit, although I’ve heard about it for a LOOOONG time……I’m quite the lazy monkey turd, so it takes me a while to get around to anything….even stuff I somewhat enjoy, such as actually using soap when I bathe, paying Federal taxes, and finding the kick a$$ sneaker spots over here in Japan. Anyhow, after about 30 minutes of stalking the streets like a sweaty homeless man looking for a garbage can full of food, I found Skit. As you can see, it almost has TOO much stuff ,if you can imagine that.

This place is JAM PACKED with kicks. I literally puked from sneaker overload when I walked in. It felt like I got Donkey Punched by Superman when I stepped inside. I wanted (NEEDED!) a pretty young lady to walk in, so I had someone to embrace and share this wonderfully passionate moment with, but that never happened, so I took a deep breath, wiped the tears off of my filthy cheeks, and started digging thru the massive sneaker selection. They have everything from DS to beater status kicks, and as far as brands, they have Nike on lockdown, plus a healthy amount of Adidas, Puma, NB, Converse, and a few Reebok, Visvim, Madfoot, and NBHD (Neighborhood made a few pairs of kicks under their own “label” ……news to me too…..I’d never known that.)

The selection of SB Dunks is honestly, completely and utterly staggering. I’ve been to other shops all over Japan, but this place pretty much trumps all of em. DS Melvin’s Bloods for $120.00, VNDS Black/Red Supreme SB’s for $550.00, Tiffs, What The Dunks, just name off every damn nice SB you can think of and it was most likely there, and probably at least 2-3 pairs available…….ALL LEGIT, so before someone asks “are they real??” YES!!!!!!….Everything there is real!!! I personally have about 100 or so pairs of Dunks, so I opted to NOT buy any more Dunks, although getting SBTG’s for under $200 was tempting……but I passed em up, and slipped over to the Air Force section next……… All you Air Force fans, you’d have a horrific, violent seizure and end up smashing your skull into a mess on the corner of a table if you walked into this place…….I don’t even like Forces, but damned if it didn’t take me about 30 minutes to look at em all, and they had an absolutely mind blowing selection. I’s, II’s, III’s, stuff from back in the 80’s….you name it, they got it. Quick question; what store do you live near that you can walk in and get a pair of Espo’s like it’s no big deal?….like you’re buying toothpaste, or a copy of Cat Fancy magazine? K-Skit Fool !!! Skit has that PIFF!!!! Re-diddely-diculous (Word to Ned Flanders!) section of Forces. Nuff said ’bout that.

Now (deep, relaxing breath…..) let’s discuss their Jordan selection (Sweet Baby Jesus, steady my sweaty, trembling typing hands as I discuss this holy subject matter……..amen…….)

I’ve never EVER been to a shop that had this many Jordans. Point BLANK. As a crusty old sneaker fiend who shopped as a kid for OG I’s back in ’85, and as a HUGE fan of the earlier numbered series, I FIEND for OG/Retro 1-6’s…..and I gotta say, I looked like Pookie from New Jack City in this place…..my lips got all white and crusty, I started talking all crazy, somehow I instantly smelled like musty wet clothes and burned crack pipes….it was horrible and wonderful at the same time……they have CASES of OG Jordans. CASES!!!!! Not 1994 Retros (Bow Wow are you listening?!?!)……OG as in 0-FREAKIN’-G 1985 Jordan I’s……WITH THE BOXES!!! Same goes for 2-6’s, and alot of great stuff after that (they’ve got all the J’s, 1-23, and all the hybrids too, although I personally don’t roll like that……)

There is a WALL of nothing but 3’s and 4’s, and I’d have to say, the prices aren’t that bad in most cases. The retro “Cookies and Cream” 4’s were definitely wearable……they had that beloved “Nike Air” on the back that had me sweating hard and stankin’ up the joint real bad…….and they cost………$160.00. Not bad at all in my opinion. The average cost of a pair of retro J’s (1-6’s and beyond,) was about $180.00 depending on how rare it was, and the condition. Again, not bad at all considering the prices you’ll pay on some online sites. You name it, it was there for the taking…….walls of 11’s, walls of 13’s, again, it’s pretty much sensory overload at K-Skit……..and I enjoyed every damn minute of it.

They’re open 5-6 day’s a week from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m………and the staff members seemed pretty cool. The only thing about this place that sucked eggs was…….they only take cash. What’s up with that?….how’s a Baller supposed to go in there and cop 54,643 pairs of kicks?……..you’d need a Brinks truck full of cash to pull it off……..and my ignorant a$$ goes up there with just enough cash to get there and back, and to eat lunch…….so shame on me, lesson learned.

So what DID I have enough to buy you may wonder?….

When I first got in there, the guy at the desk was messing with a pair of Retro Jordan 4’s. Yeah, the Bred joints in the silver box, with that sexy “Air Jordan” on the backside. As I was leaving, I asked him if I could look at em…….barely any wear on the bottom, the uppers are damn near perfect, but the midsole was starting to crack due to them being 10 years old……..I just had to ask how much, even though I only had about $50.00 on me………..

Homeboy said $28.00……………

That’s right you jealous mothersuckers, $28.00 for some VERY DECENT Retro Jordan 4’s, with the damn box…….totally wearable too……..I almost made a little yellow love puddle on the floor when he told me the price!!!!!……. I asked why so cheap, and he pretty much stated that he was just being cool about it and was hooking me up (The conversation was in Japanese and this is my rough, ghetto translation of it)…….I didn’t even have to kiss the guy on the mouth or anything, I just asked how much and homeboy hooked it UP!!!……not a bad ending to my trip at all…….

So there you have it. Now you know what Jeff Stankles was trying to hide from you. Shame on him.

I hope a pigeon poops in his Starbucks, and I hope you enjoyed the info…………and stand the hell by for more stupidity from the land of Sushi, Samurai, and SNEAKERS!!!!!!!!


Enjoy the rest of the pics.