The Daily Photos 5.28.18

Another round of The Daily photos.

Straight to feet.

UNC Off White Jordan 1 - @frostythecashman

OG Bobby Johnson.

Air Max2 Light - @glackster

You don't see these everyday.

Air Jordan XX - @dj_sneakerhead


Air Carnivore - @jutway

So fire.

Charlie Brown Old Skool - @grocsmith

Conversation starter.

Raunchy x Fila Mindblower - @raunchyclothing

been a whiiiiile since ive seen the carnivores. underrated for sure.

straight to feet is something im getting on the boat with. i want to wear more and stock less. needs a good tagline. "rock more, DS less" or what about "More heat, less Ice"....help me here lol

More heat, less ice all day. I with you tho. I used to wait months and years to wear pairs. Not now. If I buy it nowadays it's because I want to wear them ASAP.