Outfit Creep: Sneakers People Are Wearing In Milan

My first column on what people are wearing in Europe.

Style Creep: Sneakers People Are Wearing In Milan

The first of many.

If you read this Jordan post or follow my personal/@TheShoeGame IG, you know I was in Milan, Italy two weeks ago. It was my first time visiting Italy and the first city I hit is one of the world's fashion capitals.

I'm always in full creep mode when I travel because I'm interested in seeing the sneakers people wear in other states and countries. If you want a visual, just imagine me ducked off in the cut people watching and taking their photo.

I take great pride in being a creep and I'm not ashamed. That said, for the first installment of Style Creep, yours truly snapped way too many photos of what people in Milan were wearing.

The most interesting thing about being a traveling sneaker guy is quickly identifying the go-to shoe in a city. For example: in DMV you're going to see a lot of NB 990s & Foams. In LA you're going to see lots of Vans, Chucks and Cortez.

Although I didn't take a bunch of photos, in Milan Saucony is the go-to brand. I saw so many people of all ages wearing the Saucony Jazz model (I included a photo). Aside from Saucony, I saw a little bit of everything.

Keep in mind I was in Milan so high fashion brands are common there. However, I have to say the undisputed worldwide sneakers are still Chucks, Vans Old Skool, and Stan Smiths. Those are the models I saw the most.

You're not going to see a bunch of those featured because that's pointless to me. However, I did want to mention it so that everyone reading this knows. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this column.

I plan on creating content like this for every country/city I visit in Europe and will start doing this in the states.

Once again, please let me know if you rock with this content so I'll have an idea if it's worth my time.

Check out the street style in Milan below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Style Creep: Sneakers People Are Wearing In Milan

Alexander McQueen

CDG Converse Chuck Taylor

Alexander McQueen

Bred Toes



Thank you! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying this content. I was really confident about this column, plus I was already doing it for fun. Now that I'm in Europe I felt it was only right and I thought it would be cool for people who visit this site to see what people are rockin over here. I'm going to drop a new one next week.

This is cool. It’s what I do when I’m out and about! But my eyes are the camera. Ha ha

I'm so glad to hear all the positive feedback on this new content. I really enjoy it and I'm glad you do too. I do this all the time in the states but when in Europe I can't help it. I feel you on eyes being your camera lol

I was not expecting to see Under Armour represented lol

Lol. That was not the plan or focus. She just so happen to be standing by my target which was ol girl with the Balenciaga sneakers.