Remember When Supra Was Running the Game?

Don't front like you don't remember when people were going crazy for Supra.

Remember When Supra Was Running the Game?

It's not Thursday yet, but we can still have a throwback.

This past weekend I took a trip down to Geneva because it's mandatory we see all of Switzerland. I spent the day in beautiful Geneva on Saturday and did what tourists do: look at stuff and take pictures.

One thing everyone who reads this blog should know about me by now is that I'm ALWAYS on the hunt. I'm always working. I'm always peeping the scene wherever I'm at. I'm always thinking about the future and reminiscing about the past.

While we were strolling around Geneva, I came across an outlet store for a Swiss sneaker retailer. Although there was no sign in English that said "outlet or discount store," I could tell as soon as I walked in it was a clearance store by the inventory.

It wasn't worth my time to document everything I saw, but I did see a few things (nothing crazy though). I couldn't help but stop and look through the store's Supra stock because I remember the days when Supra was hot in these streets.

Of course they were never on Nike or Jordan Brand's level, but I have to give them props, Supra was in high demand from 2008 to 2010-ish. I vividly remember TSG readers getting on me for slacking on Supra content (C Brown, what up!). That's when I knew it was real.

I remember Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Ben Baller, Terry Kennedy and many other celebs wearing Supra. Let's not pretend or forget that Supra was once a thing.

I also remember meeting an Atlanta Supra rep that shall remain unnamed. I met the rep organically at a skate shop and he had a bunch of samples with him. He either didn't care or was clueless about his role as a rep because he let me take photos of every sample he had. Man, those were the days. I lived for leaking info and breaking news back while making a name for TSG.

Forgive me for getting all nostalgic, but I couldn't help but flashback when I saw Supra footwear sitting in the back of the clearance store. I haven't covered Supra in years on this blog, but I wonder will they ever make a comeback.

So, do you remember when Supra was running the game? How many Supras were/are in your collection?

Remember When Supra Was Running the Game?

forgot this dudes name..he was the OG TMZ dude...there is another one with Sway but it’s the complex interview...all the links are there but Complex most have took down the video

Comedy. Just watched and TK was eating that ish up lmao. Thanks for sharing that TBT (Throwback Tuesday) moment.

I had a really DANK pair of Supras in STICKY green w safety cone orange. I was sitting in a cafe in Amsterdam "minding my own business" when I got a compliment on my DOPE kicks. To my surprise it was coming from the guy poking his head out of the trap door at my feet, leading to the storage room.