Reebok Retro 2012-2013 Preview

Reebok Back! With the return of this year's Reebok Questions "Red Tip", it got most people wondering what will be in store for the Reebok retro line. To end any speculations on which model will make a return, here is a preview of what to expect in the upcoming months. Expect another colorway for A.I's Questions in Blue/White to drop and the return of the The Answer 4's.


The Kamikaze 2's will also return with a few original and new colorways. Famously known for its comfort, the DMX Run will also sprint its way back into retail stores. Reebok also reached deep into their vault and brought back Football legend Emmitt Smith's signature ES22. Stay tuned for the latest updates, and check out the rest of the Reebok Retro 2012-13 Preview below. via SF