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Preview of Virgil Abloh's First Louis Vuitton Sneaker

This design is Virgil high end take on a classic Jordan sneaker.

Preview of Virgil Abloh's First Louis Vuitton Sneaker...

Does this shoe look familiar?

Of course it does. High fashion brands have always been inspired by street culture and you can't mention street culture without mentioning several Air Jordan models.

With Virgil Abloh in charge of the direction of LV's men's line, expect to see a lot more streetwear meets high fashion looks. Honestly that's the reason he got the position because LV knows he's knowledgable about both worlds.

Louis Vuitton shared a few behind the scenes clips at Virgil's first sneaker design. Although Abloh didn't state the model by name, he was clear about saying this design is his idea of a classic sneaker.

We all know the Air Jordan 3 is a classic sneaker, and for years we've seen high fashion brands recreate the Jordan 1, but I can't recall many brands putting their spin on the Jordan 3.

Leave it to a Chicago native who happens to call a few shots at LV to give the Jordan 3 a luxury makeover. In the BTS footage Virgil said he wanted the shoe to have an 80s feel but it has to relate to the clothes.

He also mentioned adding a hit of gold and porcelain to make the shoe feel more rich. Wow!

Paris Men's Fashion Week is this month and Virgil's first LV show is June 21. Looks like we will have to wait until then to get a real-life look at this sneaker and the rest of his LV collection, so stay tuned.

Based off what you see, how do you feel about the design? Is this a possible cop?

Preview of Virgil Abloh's First Louis Vuitton Sneaker

material and construction will make this shoe.

As long as the word “SHOE” isn’t written on this sneaker, I like it.


I agree. Looking forward to seeing the actual shoe.