Official What Did You Wear Today Thread - Upload Your On Foot Photos


What kicks are you wearing today?

The official thread for sharing what's on your feet.

I know everyone is still getting used to the new TSG. Trust me, I know. I'm still getting used to the new platform too. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

I started a WDYWT thread in the Conversations section of this site, but I know that section doesn't get great visibility, especially if you only visit this site on your mobile device. If you're note familiar with Conversations, when you come to the site via mobile you'll see top navigation and under that you'll see Stories and Conversations.

FYI: All TSG readers can start their own conversation.

As for WDYWT, I'm making this post the official thread and posting it to the top of the site so it's easy to find and view what everyone is wearing.

How do you share your photo?

It's extremely simple. Snap an on foot picture with your phone, click the camera icon in comments section (to the right of comment box) and upload your photo. It's that simple. I know some OG readers haven't started commenting on the new platform, but hopefully this encourages everyone to be more active on the new site.

My goal with this new site is to create a better community.

We all love sneakers and most of us wear sneakers everyday, so show us all what you're wearing daily.

See you in the comments.

And Undefeated x Converse to attend Jordan event


Cruising round the city today...


Nike SB Check Solar Canvas for shredding on my Standing Desk Skateboards Micro-Mini half.