Looks Like Reebok Will Join the Dad Shoe Wave

Reebok also wants a piece of the dad shoe pie.

Looks Like Reebok Will Join the Dad Shoe Wave...

Reebok wants to join the fun.

The dad shoe wave is a thing whether you like it or not. Hypebeast posted a new Reebok sample that pretty much confirms Reebok will eventually release its own take on the dad shoe trend.

At this point I don't think any of us are surprised by this news. This photo was leaked on Reddit but no model name or release info was provided. The first thing that came to mind is that Pyer Moss might be involved with this design.

Time will tell everything, so stay tuned for more info.

Based off what you see, how do you feel about this Reebok sneaker? Also, do you have any shoes in your collection that could be considered dad shoes? Lastly, are you a fan of the dad shoe wave?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Looks Like Reebok Will Join the Dad Shoe Wave

To answer my own question, I was looking at my Terra Humaras one day and I was like, "these could easily be considered a dad shoe." If you removed the Swoosh the shoe would easily resemble a pair of Skechers. That's just me being honest and of course no disrespect to the great Terra Humara, lol. Still one of my favs since high school... so I guess my vision is strong. lmao

The sneaker isn’t bad but I honestly don’t get the dad shoe title for these. To me they just look like a tech ugly sneaker. The only true dad sneaker is the monarch. I don’t own those but I do own some designer sneakers that I guess someone could consider a dad sneaker.

Yea the lines are starting to blurr...Dad shoes are supposed to be comfort over style...ala your pops dont care about being cool (well most dont) but he wants some comfortable joints that he can cut the grass in and make the trips (damn near daily) to the Depot in......The Monarch is and will always be the number 1 seller for Nike cause you can get Monarchs just about anywhere and they are comfee as shit....Comfort over style...I guess this new dad shoe craze is about giving the kids your dads comfort but you keep your own style? I dont know anymore man...

I guess man. It's weird, like I told DAMRUFF, it's like anything with a different midsole gets the dad shoe tag. Monarch is GOAT dad shoe tho. No doubt. I've tried a pair on tho. I'm curious about the comfort now. lol