Jay Z Named Creative Director of Puma Basketball


Big news for the rapper turned businessman.

Jay Z Named Creative Director of Puma Basketball...

Yesterday afternoon news broke that Puma signed Marvin Bagley III and Deandre Ayton, making them the first male basketball players to sign with the company since 1998.

This is a great start for a brand who is underway of relaunching its basketball division. However, even bigger Puma news surfaced regarding Puma Basketball. It was originally reported that Jay Z is the president of Puma Basketball, but in fact he's the Creative Director.

Things just got very interesting with these recent announcements. Nike/Jordan Brand currently dominate the basketball market with adidas, Under Armour, and now Puma competing for the top spot.

Only time will tell if Puma Basketball will be able to disrupt and gain some of the basketball market. The success or failure will be televised so get to witness a new wave of performance basketball shoes and endorsers.

Do you have any early predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jay Z Named Creative Director of Puma Basketball

Source: Darren Rovell

I agree with you G. For me though Puma needs to come with some type of new technology or a comfortable sneaker because that’s the main reason I don’t really wear Puma’s now.

Money grab...someone tell me how that Jay Z as President of Def Jam thing worked out??


This reeks of desperation from Puma. My suggestion? They may want to pay attention to the downward trending data of basketball shoes since 2016. NPD has that data, Matt Powell drops some nugget on Twitter about the basketball sneaker category almost daily and we've seen the complaints from Foot Locker etc about slumping sales. Nike had to drop the price of Lebron's and key signature players for the first time ever a year ago.

But Puma paying this kind of money to get into the category? No need to wonder why Puma is where they're at in ranking and brand strategy.