Is This ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe?


Word is this is Pretty Flocko's shoe.

Is This ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe?

Are you ready to camp for your first Under Armour shoe?

I'm joking, but I'm also kinda serious. ASAP Rocky confused the entire fashion and sneaker industry when news broke about him signing with UA because out of all the brands, why would the Fashion Killa sign with UA?

But like the great Deion Sanders told us in the 90s "must be the money." Rocky posted a photo of himself and Jared Leto on the gram last night and word is this is his UA signature sneaker.

If this is his shoe, we can see the shoe was skate inspired. This is just a preview and all we can do is wait on confirmation and more images.

Based off what you can see, what are your thoughts?

Is This ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe?

Let's get those early predications in on what resell prices are going to look like or do you think his UA shoe will flop?

That's a flop

I'm gonna need to see a detailed look before I form a real opinion. I personally didn't have super high expectations for this collab though

The brand whores who made him a style icon are to blame for this mess!

Ha! I look at his style/fits sometimes with so much confusion on my face.

We shall see. People have convinced me that they will buy anything if it's limited enough and if there's a lot of hype.