I Visited Titolo's Sneaker Shop In Bern, Switzerland

One of the most respected sneaker boutiques in the game.

I Visited Titolo's Sneaker Shop In Bern, Switzerland...

It's like my life is coming full circle.

I never thought I would one day call Switzerland home. To be honest, I never thought I would even visit Switzerland, but I made my first trip to the land of cheese and chocolate in September 2017. We stayed in Switzerland for a week and then headed to Moscow, Russia for a week. Crazy! I know.

I'm not going to front, prior to visiting, I was clueless about the sneaker culture in Switzerland. I knew Titolo - which has been around since 1996 - was located in Switzerland, but it didn't click immediately.

If I'm being, honest, Titolo changed the "on foot" photo game for retailers on Instagram.

At some point, your favorite sneaker blog/sneaker page on IG has reposted a Titolo on foot photo. Titolo definitely made retailers worldwide step up their digital product presentation. Shouts to Sneaker Politics too!

That said, I have reposted tons of Titolo's photos on IG and used their imagery on this blog. The funny thing is I never thought I would ever step foot in one of its three locations.

Back in September 2017, we stayed in Basel the night before we left for Moscow. We took a walk around the area where our hotel was and surprise, surprise, I ran into Titolo's Basel location.

It was a Sunday night and the store was closed. I took a few photos and posted them on Twitter and said, "Yo @titolo_shop, sorry we missed you. Will def stop by during the next visit to Switzerland. Keep up the great work!"

That tweet ended up being a lie because I went back to Switzerland in December and did not visit. The interesting thing about all this is back then I had a strange feeling I would still connect with Titolo.

Well it's May 2018 and I'm back. The amount of ideas and things on my to do list will definitely keep me busy and creative. Of course connecting with Titolo is at the top of my list, so I took a trip to Bern (also known as Berne to locals) the other day.

Titolo's three shops are located in Basel, Bern, and Zurich. The Bern shop sits in the heart of the city's shopping district. If you're familiar with Titolo, you know they have an impressive inventory which explains why its Bern store has two levels.

I could go on and on, but seeing is much better though, so take a look at my visit below.

I Visited Titolo's Sneaker Shop In Bern, Switzerland

Ok G I see you with the SW. I have no clue when I’m going to break out my pair. Dope feature man. Imagine if you could’ve visited when Nike runners were at their peak ah man.

just copped the hummel black rainbow's from there

Don't even think about it, just wear them. A fun pair that I didn't waste time wearing. My biggest issue is sitting on shoes. I wore them for the first time on Easter. Ha! Thanks! That would be crazy but I can't wait to hunt for some mom & pop and old sporting goods stores to see if I can find anything. I also heard there's a Nike outlet in Germany. UH OH!!!!!

Yep and they offer that good ol worldwide shipping. Gotta love it.