I Spy Air Yeezy 2: Kanye In London

Kanye West was spotted in the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in London.

There’s no new info about the shoe besides the name, so there is nothing we can say that you don’t already know. However, check out our Top 10 Air Yeezy 2 Facts below.

Top 10 Air Yeezy 2 Facts:

1.) People will camp out for days (maybe weeks) to buy a pair.
2.) People that don’t like them will still buy a pair and wear them.
3.) The resell price is going to be sky high.
4.) People will buy them because they believe the shoes will make them rap, rant, and dress like the man himself.
5.) Most stores will not sell them for the suggested retail price.
6.) People will cry because they were not able to get a pair from their local store, which will result in a deep state of depression that only Jesus can heal.
7.) People will spend $400 bucks on this, just to be like ninja you ain’t up on this.
8.) The hype will cause people to lose sleep and their appetite.
9.) People will fall into deeper debt to obtain a pair.
10.) The Air Yeezy 2 will boost people’s self esteem.

Surely there’s more facts, so share your facts in the comment section.