How Do You Feel About Today's NBA?

Is the NBA the new reality, aka a joke?

How Do You Feel About Today's NBA?

Fresh off the announcement of LeBron James taking his talents to Los Angeles, another announcement quickly took the attention from LeBron and the Lakers.

Last night it was confirmed that Demarcus Cousins signed a 1-year contract for $5.3 million with the Golden State Warriors. Yes, Boogie Cousins is now a Golden State Warrior. In case you're confused - yes, this is the same Golden State Warriors that just won another NBA championship.

Still confused? This is the same Golden State Warriors that Kevin Durant joined after blowing a 3-1 lead with OKC. This is the same Golden State with 2-time MVP Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

If you're counting that's two MVPs and FIVE All Stars on the same team. Let's not forget Golden State was already a Championship team before KD joined the squad.

I'm not mad because at the end of the day basketball, just like movies and shows, is just entertainment and an extremely lucrative business. It's just sad to see the NBA turn into the new reality TV.

Is all of this a result of Bron's plan for leaving Cleveland to join Miami? Who do we blame or is there no one to blame? Are you okay with the current state of the NBA? What does this mean for the future of NBA? Let's discuss in the comments.

How Do You Feel About Today's NBA?

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There’s already rumors that he wants to team up with Jimmy Butler. I’m hearing he wants to play for the Nets or Knicks since he’s from New Jersey. I didn’t like that he didn’t attend game 7 for the Celtics. The surgery excuse is pure BS to me. I really think had the Celtics lost in round 1 to Milwaukee he would be more likely to stay. I’d love to have him stay but historically most top stars don’t stay in Boston. I would’ve thought his dad playing at Boston University would help but I just have a bad feeling about the whole situation.

Ahhh ok. I didn't know that he wants to team up with JB. Let me find out you have insider info, lol. Why do you think he would be more likely to stay if Celtics lost in Round 1? And what type of contract did Kyrie sign with y'all?

Kyrie in his mind wants to be the man and although he definitely is, that Celtics team is on the cusp of being a championship contender especially since they almost went to the finals without him. The Celtics do have his birds rights though so they can give him the most money. Basically since he got traded here from Cleveland, it’s the same contract he had with them. I really wish these Superstar athletes would give Boston a chance man. Maybe it’s the weather or that perceived racism (there’s definitely racism here but not like people think). Anyway we will all see what he decides in a year.

Got ya! I def agree and feel you about the first part. Kyrie is aware that the team almost did it without him. I thought he was going to stay but of course you know more about Boston sports than me so it will be interesting to see