Hello Kitty Converse Shoe Collection

Hello Kitty teamed up with Converse.

Hello Kitty Converse Shoe Collection

In my opinion, Converse has always been quietly killing it. Well, maybe not killing it but the brand has always released good product that sometimes goes under the radar, similar to Puma and Vans.

I've noticed that Converse has really stepped up its collaborations as of late, and I still want a pair of ASAP NAST Chucks. I really regret not buying a pair when I had a chance. If you have sizes on deck let me know.

Off White is brining more attention to Converse which is expected, and another brand with a HUGE fanbase is releasing a collection on August 16. Hello Kitty's Converse collection will surely make noise within the HK community.

A total of six sneakers will release on Converse.com and at select retailers. So heads up to HK fans and fellas who have women who love Hello Kitty - you know what to do.

Hello Kitty Converse Shoe Collection