Gourmet Dignan – Holiday 2011

More photos have dropped from Gourmet’s latest model, the Dignan.

The Dignan is a very interesting shoe, being that it is a mix of a water proof sneaker and runner. Without the cover, the Dignan is a nice looking running shoe but with the cover, it becomes waterproof. It’s a very abstract x-trainer shoe that has a great backstory from Gourmet themselves:

The Dignan. Ok, the story. Mark Wahlberg played a character in Scorcese’s The Departed named Dignan. Dignan, Wahlberg and/or the character was, by far, the biggest asshole in any film for the past 10 years. Kind of sounds like the designer of this shoe. Oh wait, they are both from the same neighborhood. Anyway, in the last scene of the movie, Dignan enters stage left wearing hospital shoe booties. The image of the sweatpants drapped onto this glorious hospital shoe/covering, got our wheels turning.

These are available now at the Gourmet online store.