Confessions of a Sneaker Addict – Part 17

Confessions of a Sneaker Addict – Part 17

Everyone who collects sneakers or just has a desire to always have the latest kicks knows about multiple trends that are evident among the sneaker culture. Whether they are the hotness or the wackness is up for debate, but the reality is that they are apparent among many people today whether it be the casuals, the shoe collectors, the heat rockers, the celebrities, the kids, the adults, just about anyone you can think of. Now, without any further ado, does the following confession apply to you?

Searching the Bay

When can you say is the year you really got into sneakers and I mean really into sneakers? If it was in the last decade or so, most likely you missed out on past releases that have never been or have yet to be retroed. This puts many sneaker addicts in a predicament, a tough one too.

There are many options that can be taken to go after sneakers released in the past, plenty of sneaker market websites. The problem is, not everyone uses them and more importantly, the people who do more often than not know about what they are trying to sell. That’s where eBay comes in.

eBay is really a gift and a curse to sneaker addicts, it brings many good things but also bad things to us.


1.Grails – When in doubt, hit up eBay. Everything is sold on eBay including sneakers and new pairs show up every day. Missed out on a release? No problem, people resell (I’m not referring to the reselling prices, just the ones who use eBay as a store). When you’re looking for a niche shoe that was released in 1993, most websites will not carry these older sneakers (even consignment sites) so eBay is beneficial to Sn’eads.

2.Daily checkups – Got money to throw on some kicks but have no idea what to get? A quick run through eBay can help you find some gems. A lot of people throw up shoes with $.99 starting bids so with a little bit of luck, it’s possible to grab a pair of shoes for next to none or WAY below retail. Also helps to find shoes that are hard to find in your area. Example: Asics Gel Lyte 3’s are practically non-existence when it comes to finding them in stores. Therefore, eBay is used to find the older releases that I have trouble finding on both consignment shops and in store.


1.Reseller paradise – Goodness, this doesn’t even need an explanation. $800 for South Beach LBJ 8’s, $350 for “Space Jam” 11’s, or $650 for “Tiffany” Nike SB’s, people are straight wilding. Not a great place to search for the most hyped sneakers by any means (grails does not always mean hyped). I think that’s enough though, if you need to know more about resellers, just check the older COASA post on resellers.

2.FAKES – Getting burned on a pair of sneakers is awful and a very bad experience. People who don’t like sneakers like we do will never understand and for anyone who doesn’t understand, think about this. Imagine finding something in an auction that you’ve been looking for for a while. You win the auction and can’t wait for the item to get to your house. Time passes and the item finally arrives and it turns out to be too good to be true, it’s a fake. The quality is atrocious and it differs from the original item you were looking for. To others, they won’t see it, but to you, it kills you inside. That’s what buying a fake sneaker is like, days of anticipation just to be disappointed.

3.Bidding wars – This one is also a short point, you against another bidder or multiple other bidders. It’s not fun and takes away from the chances of receiving the shoes you want. You’re always one second away from being outbid and losing by 50 cents. Think about that, 50 cents, losing a bid for a shoe you’ve been looking for, by a mere 50 cents.

Although there are more curses than gifts, to many, the gifts outweigh the curses. Of course research and being knowledgeable over sneakers will reduce the chances of being burned on an eBay purchase, people still choose to avoid using eBay to grab sneaks.

Do you use eBay to buy sneakers? If so, what shoes do you usually use it for (IE: grails, OG pairs, releases not in your area)?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by: Jedi Jump High aka Jordan Rainey