Chris Brown Sneaker Closet

Everyone knows Chris Brown is a big sneakerhead, especially if you’re familiar with our Check My Footwork series.

Last year, Peace Magazine asked Chris about his shoe game, and C.Breezy said “I almost got 1,000 or 2,000 pairs of sneakers“. We posted the video back in January, and the comments section was full of people wondering about CB’s sneaker collection. Nothing compares to a good old fashion Show Me Your Sneaker Collection video, but until we catch up with Chris Brown, these images of his sneaker closet will have to do for now.

Chris Brown is a big fan of Nike SB, and from looking at the image above we see Dunks and Blazers in abundance. We also spotted other sneakers, and we know he’s a big Air Jordan head, but his J’s most be in the other sneaker closet. Ha!

Enjoy these sneak peak images of Chris Brown’s sneaker closet. Hit the jump to see another picture, and feel free to leave your feedback.