Celebrities Wearing Sneakers 5.17.18

Another week and a few celebs wearing sneakers.

Celebrities Wearing Sneakers 5.17.18...

I would say some of these people are your favorite celebrities, but that would most likely be a lie. Maybe you are a fan of some, but I'd be shocked if everyone reading this is familiar with all the celebs featured.

I'm tempted to post photos without mentioning names just to see the responses in the comments. It's really not that bad though - it's just a few people who most are not familiar with.

The good news is everyone isn't wearing Jordans which is always cool to see. There's a little bit of everything, but of course hype always plays a huge role on what most celebs decide to wear.

No more talking.

Peep the photos below. Do you see any shoes that you need?

Celebrities Wearing Sneakers 5.17.18

Kehlani in the most wanted Air Max

Gunna in Comme de Garcons Nike Air Max 180

Quavo in Versace Chain Reaction Highs

Kyrie in Cortez Kenny III

Lil Baby in Versace Chain Reaction

Kehlani in Off White Converse Chuck Taylor

Young Thug in Balenciaga Triple S

DJ Khaled in Cool Grey 11s with UNC Off White 1s

Currenc$y in Stampd Bape Roadsta

Yara Shahidi in Off White Chucks

Big Sean in Puma Thunder Spectra

Jaden Smith in Louis Vuitton Archlight

No. 1-3


Ha! Yep, just thought I'd share that info for all those who visit this site. I gotta write a book one day. I honestly didn't even know Gunna was really doing his thing until last year. I saw him on IG and had to ask my boy like "Sergio rapping now?" lol. He most def comes from the high fashion house. He stays drippin in designer... as he would say. Drip! lmao


Dope lil sidebar on your history with Gunna. There is something different about him as an artist. His music is skraight to me but I know it's not for me. Lol He definitely comes from that "high fashion" house of Young Thug and 'nem.



For those who are not familiar with Gunna and Lil Baby, here's their latest collab. Gunna is signed to the same label as Young Thug and Lil Baby is signed to QC (same label as Migos and Lil Yachty). Funny thing about Gunna is I know him. We both grew up in Shady Park (Pointer Ridge) in College Park. He's several years younger than me but his brother and I went to Creekside together and graduated same class (2001). I'll forever know Gunna as Sergio tho, lol. Crazy to see lil Serg all grown up doing his thing. Anyways, here's "Sold Out Dates" by Gunna feat Lil Baby...