ASAP Rocky Reveals His Under Armour Shoe

ASAP Rock gives the world a first look at his sneaker.

ASAP Rocky Reveals His Under Armour Shoe...

So this is it.

After months of speculation, ASAP Rocky finally unveiled his signature shoe with Under Armour during this weird live performance called "Lab Rat." It turns out that Rocky was wearing his shoe in the photo with Jared Leto.

Everyone was wondering why Rocky signed with UA and what his sneaker would look like. We don't have to wonder anymore, and I don't think any of us were expecting his sneaker to be skate inspired.

In fact, the Internet can't help but compare his shoe to the Osiris D3 skate shoe. Peep the comparison below and you'll see both shoes are extremely similar. One can't help but think, are old school skate shoes going to be the new wave?

Are dad shoes and vintage skate shoes going to takeover the game? Does this mean there's hope for a Nike SB resurgence? So many questions, but of course the real question is how do you feel about Rocky's UA shoe?

Possible cop or passing without thinking twice?

ASAP Rocky Reveals His Under Armour Shoe

The way the game has been going with trends, I think old school skate are going to be a thing in streetwear/high fashion. And yes, I think people are going to be these simply because it's Rocky's shoe. I wonder how they are going to release this shoe?

Ill wait for better pics but these thngs look terrible....

Just say the word C, you know I got you if you need a pair. lol

These will be proof that any one who has a pair of these is cause they was seeded...no way someone is spending real dough on these...I dont care who designed them....

Trust me, C, there are going to be some trendy high fashion/streetwear cats wearing these. Trust me! I'll do a post about it after the shoe drops.