Would You Wear Off White Vapormax Sandals?


What if? Nike Vapormax sandals. Could you pull these off?

Would You Wear Off White Vapormax Sandals?

Well, would you?

At this point, I think people would wear anything Off White or Supreme. Not everyone, but the people who are loyal fans would mostly likely wear anything created by the aforementioned brands.

In the event Virgil Abloh and Nike ever released Off White Vapormax sandals, would you go after a pair? Off White aside, if Nike releases a regular version of Vapormax sandals - would you rock a pair?

I don't know the origin of this photo, but it's been making its way around the Internet and starting debates. Some people find the footwear option as a joke, while others are impressed by what they see.

The DIY movement is stronger than ever, and it seems like customizers are giving brands a lot of ideas. That said, it would not surprise me if Nike (or one of the other brands watching) releases a sneaker inspired sandal.

So, for the sake of this conversation, if you saw these at your local sneaker shop, would you cop?

Share your thoughts and let's have a discussion in the comments.

Would You Wear Off White Vapormax Sandals?

These are actually fire, I'd wear them

Virgil Abloh has absolutely no creativity. Seriously, writing on shoes and charging a grip for it? Nah, he’s now creative director for LV. Guess I’m buying gucci.

Well don't be surprised if these turn into a reality.

Lol. But on the real I'm super interested to see what he does at LV. His first collection will be revealed next month in Paris during men's fashion week.