Which Nike On Air Design Is Your Favorite?


18 finalists from around the world. Who you got?

Which Nike On Air Design Is Your Favorite?

Nike is hosting another Air Max design competition in honor of 2018 Air Max Day. It's called On Air and is similar to the contest that allowed Sean Wotherspoon to create his own Air Max. Nike selected 18 finalists from NYC, Seoul, London, Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai.

To my understanding, Nike allowed several people from each city to design an Air Max. I remember seeing a few people I know on IG posting their design and experience. From what I saw, the designers had access to a lot of colors and materials.

The competition is down to 18 designs (3 per city) and it's time for you to vote. You get to vote on your favorite design from each city and the winning 6 designs will be produced.

Keep in mind, voting ends May 13 at 11:30pm PST. You can place your vote once per day and learn more about each design by clicking here. The winners will be announced May 14.

So, which Air Max is your favorite? Drop the letter in the comments.

Which Nike On Air Design Is Your Favorite?

Not gonna lie, for the most part I am unimpressed with these but if I’m forced to pick 1 I’m gonna go with M first then E second then the field last hahahahaha.

I like either L or M respectively.. great color placement

I like J but it kinda looks similar to the Wotherspoon to me. Also liking Q

The only pair i can see myself wearing is L. But E & F are fiya too

L is def wearable and I feel like I overlooked F - that pair could be nice in person.

So nike wants us to be a focus group for a sneaker that 99% that vote wont be able to get on release day? in that case fuck all them pairs! LOL...fr tho!


I'm not a fan of the 270 but G gives me a Zoom Citizen/Air Max Deluxe vibe. M is also decent because of the Spiridon check.

None of em really make me say ooooo sh*t I need em except A. Everything else is cool