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Thoughts On Nike KD 11?


First look at Kevin Durant's Nike KD 11.

Thoughts on Nike KD 11?

Nike unveils the KD 11.

It's crazy to think Kevin Durant will soon have eleven signature models. With Golden State Warriors hoping to win back to back NBA championships, now is a great time for Nike to get people focusing on KD's shoe game.

Today Nike unveiled the KD XI but no additional info was provided. I expect a press release to hit my inbox by the end of today, no later than tomorrow. I guess it's safe to assume that long-time KD designer Leo Chang designed the 11.

Instead of playing the guessing game, let's just wait for official info from Nike. In the meantime, let's talk about KD's new basketball shoe.

Do you like what you see? Is this a possible cop?

Thoughts On Nike KD 11?

I like the blue ones, havent liked a KD since like the 6 or 7

Sounds about right. KD 4 was riding high and the 5 was eh. 6 and 7 were cool, but it hasn't been the same since the 4.

KD2 creamsicle were the best, KD4 is the best overall but those plastic kicks will kill your feet. These look like some Roshe run but if they play beastly don’t care how they look

the kd10s looked a thousand times better

Based off these looks, I'd have to say I like the 10 better too.