Safari Nike Air Max 95 size? Exclusive

Euro retailer size? gets another crazy exclusive.

Safari Nike Air Max 95 size? Exclusive...

size? is back with another exclusive.

I don't know about you, but I'm still hoping I can grab the size? Patchwork Vans Old Skool for a decent price. I wish I was already located in Europe when those Vans dropped because I've seen several size? stores since moving.

Before people could get over taking a L on the Patchwork Vans, size? unveils a new exclusive. This time the Air Max 95 is the center of attention in a colorway like you've never seen before.

This Nike Air Max 95 features a Safari makeover and according to size? this shoe has been dubbed "What The Safari?" This collaboration will be releasing exclusively at size? stores June 8, 2018.

If you like what you see you better hit your overseas connect ASAP.

So, how do you feeling about this Safari Air Max 95?

Safari Nike Air Max 95 size? Exclusive

Your lucky your getting a chance to explore places where the culture isn't salivating at every release... Gives you plenty of chances to cop


So true. I've been shocked by the pairs that are sold out in the states but available here. I'm not complaining tho lol

He's in a def good space yes. When Adidas hype was at it's peak, I had friends walking out of some of the smaller Euro shops with their size in hand. Back here in the US, you couldn't even get close enough to some models to see if they were real or vapor.

  1. Not a fan of how Nike keeps degrading the "what the" meaning. It started with 1 shoe from each pair being wildly different than the other shoe, so crazy it made you ask "what the..." and seems to now mean? Just curious what the size? or Nike rationale is behind allowing these to use the "what the" vehicle?