Please Read: A Few Updates and Changes

I am preparing for the future of content creation, and I’m excited to give you the heads up on the new website changes

Attention TSG Fam.

I am preparing for the future of content creation, and I’m excited to give you the heads up on the new website changes. Moving forward I will publish the same dope content I have created for over 10 years, but I will be expanding the content.

Get ready for more interaction in the comments, a better community as well as individual value.

TSG has been a community based blog for years, and the comments play a huge role in the community and engagement on this site. That said, before we go live on the new platform, PLEASE register your free Maven account by clicking here.

The registration is suuuuper simple and quick. I want the new site to feel normal when we go live and that means you being able to start or join a conversation in the comments.

The blog’s url is still TheShoeGame.com but it will be redirected to themaven.net/theshoegame. That’s just a heads up so you don’t think anything weird is happening on your end.

There are a lot of new features that will allow everyone to contribute more to the community. Like anything new, it will take some getting used to for all of us, but I know we’ll be fine.

As you can tell from the photo, that’s not Atlanta… or Texas. I quietly moved to Dallas/Fort Worth two years ago which explains all my outlet/clearance store visits in Texas.

Last week I moved to Switzerland. Yes, you read that right! I know, I know, life comes at you fast. Trust me, I never thought I would be living in Texas and definitely not Switzerland.

That said, the updates have been kinda all over the place as of late and that’s because I was doing so many things in the states preparing for this life changing move.

I’ll still be covering US content as well as expanding content to how the culture looks in different parts of Europe. I’m excited to bring y’all more original content that you won’t find on any other blog.

I’m sure everyone is wondering why the hell did G-Roc move to Switzerland. Just know when the connect ask you to relocate, you don’t say no. Ha!

Thank you all for continuing to rock with me and TSG. It’s been a long journey that I never thought was possible. I’m confident that our community will grow even more with these new changes.

Once again, please register for your free account here so you’ll be comment ready.

Congrats on the move overseas. Can't wait to see the new content you release

Congratulations on the big move. Definitely excited to see what’s next!

Congrats fam,The gang's proud!PUT.ME.ON.

Sounds badass, congrats G. U gotta get your K-Swiss game on now.

You coming to Sneakerness Amsterdam the Netherlands
, right???

Congrats on the move G, looking forward to seeing how the future plays out

Thanks! Yeah it's nice here. I plan on covering the same stuff, including some new ideas and expanding content by highlighting sneaker culture in Europe. Yes, Maven has an app in the app store. And if you want to contribute more, just let me know. I'm down to share my platform with other voices.

Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate that. And thanks for continuing to rock with me and TSG's community,

Ayyyeee! Thanks! Yeah I'm going to be moving around a lot out here so it should be fun sharing what I see with TSG Fam.

Thank you! Me too. I went to Milan this weekend and I was being a creep per usual and I'm going to post a street style post to show everyone the sneakers people were rockin. I will be doing a lot of that as well as highlighting shops over here and the culture in general. Thanks for the continued support!


Thank you! You've been rockin' with TSG for YEARS. We bout to crank this thang up. Just getting used to the new platform.

Lol thank you! Appreciate you for always contributing to the community over the years. Let's talk. Shoot me an email and we'll go from there: TheShoeGame.com@gmail.com

Thanks man! Glad to still see you in the comments on this new platform. Thank you! Lmao. I'm not sure about that, but if K-Swiss drops some fire you never know. I haven't had a pair of K-Swiss since 7th grade (1995).

It's funny you ask. My girl sent me an email giving me a heads up about the event. I just check their site and see the event is this weekend. We were supposed to go to London, but I def want to check out Sneakerness... so I might be in the building. I assume you're going?

Haaaa! What up man! Thank you! Shiiiidd me too. You never know, I might not ever move back to the states. lol. Nah but on the real it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Thanks for your support.

Yeah, it's starts tomorrow and you should definitely visit if you have the time. It's a great place to shop and to meet the European sneaker culture. Lots of interesting people with the right connections to help you expand your network

I really wanted to come but I'm in London this weekend. I saw the next event is in London and then Berlin. Is there a certain city that's the best or all pretty much the same? I'm looking forward to attending one and connecting with the
European sneaker culture.

Nah, not really. Some of them cats won't go to certain city's. But overall you always meet the same (and new) people at these conventions . Think it's cool you're staying a bit in Europe (technically Switzerland ain't part of the union, but that's a different story). Maybe we bump into each other at Nike HQ in the Netherlands or or when you start visiting sneaker store's. Haha you got sum exploring to do.

Congrats on the move and looking forward to seeing where TSG goes! Crazy to think it’s been 10 years so congrats alone on that!

Ahhhh got you. You live in Amsterdam? Either way, I'm sure we def meet. By the way, how was the convention? Dang, I didn't know Nike had an HQ in the Netherlands. I gotta visit. Let me know so we can connect when I come out. You on IG? Also, you're right about Switzerland - they are in there own world. lol