Off White Nike Soccer Collection

Virgil Abloh designed a Soccer capsule for Nike.

Off White Nike Soccer Collection...

Virgil can't be stopped.

Nike has to be paying Virgil the big monies because he has definitely helped them out A LOT. Let's not be too technical for anyone reading this shaking their head in disagreement.

From a culture ("the culture") side of things, adidas was handing Nike Ls left and right, but Virgil came in and got people excited for Nike releases again. I don't think anyone whose been paying attention will disagree with that.

That said, Virgil is without a doubt Nike's go-to man for hype. Swoosh let Abloh design a soccer/football collection and of course the hypebeasts are thirst for this collection.

The Off White designed capsule will be available on Nike.com June 14. The page is live now so save the link.

Are you going after any pieces? If so, which items are your favorite?

Off White Nike Soccer Collection

i cant see the price point being worth it for this capsule... sure, virgil is hot right now, and i can see the price point if this was a LV capsule... but nike. cmon, son.

Yep and crazy thing is those sandals were customs... at least for now. But his obsession with labeling "things" is now his signature and his take on highlighting the obvious through irony. I remember him speaking on it in an interview. I'll try to find it.


I feel you on that. When I look at high end brands collaborating with affordable brands I expect the prices to be lower. It's like when H&M collabs with people. I'm posting on his LV sneaker design today and looking forward to seeing his first LV collection.