Nike React Element 87 North America Retailer List


A list of retailers in the US with the Nike React Element 87.

Nike React Element 87 North America Retailer List

One of the most sought after sneakers of 2018 is Nike's React Element 87. Some people are already calling this model "Shoe of the Year." When it's all said and done Nike will most likely have the shoe of the year.

However, we still have a lot of 2018 left so we'll have to wait and see. But the React Element 87 is in high demand, and the first two colors finally hit North America this week, July 13.

Overseas released pairs first on June 21, and now it's time for North America. The question most people have been asking is where can they buy a pair. Which retailers are going to have stock?

If that's you, peep the list of retailers below and good luck! Retail is $160.

A Ma Maniere



Extra Butter


Mr Porter




Saint Alfred



Nike React Element 87 North America Retailer List

This is NOT gonna end well....Hype machine is rolling HEAVY on this one....very strange that Kith is NOT on the list....

I reached out to my connect at my local Barneys and called about an online release and was informed they haven’t heard anything. I heard more colorways of these are coming so the hype will die soon after.

Lol at this not ending well. 50 million colors on the way. Good point about Kith, I'm sure they got pairs too. Ain't no way lol

Well at least I did get a chance to grab the sail pair , but the black ones ....... instant sell out