Nike Air Skylon 2 Retro


Nike Air Skylon 2 Retro returns in 2018.

Nike Air Skylon 2 Retro...

Maybe I'm tripping but it seems like vintage is cooler than it's ever been right now. Just take a look at fashion right now. A lot of products are re-releases or heavily inspired by the 90s.

Let me also add that runners have been running the shoe game for the past 3-4 years. Nike is well aware of what people are wearing hence them bringing back another OG runner.

At some point this year, Nike will re-release the Air Skylon 2 for the first time. Even if you're not familiar with this model, you can tell by its gradient upper that this is a vintage runner.

Sean Wotherspoon provided a first look at this shoe, but he did not provide a release date or retail price.

Are you a fan of this model/colorway?

Nike Air Skylon 2 Retro

I like these. I wonder which came first the Mariah, Air Flows or these.

That's a great question. If I had to guess I would say this model dropped in 91 or 92.

I've waited TOO long for these

definitely a fan. getting some talaria/air tech challenge 2 vibes

Patience is key! They back... almost.

I see what you mean. Gradient effect def gives these a ATC feel.