Nautica Nike Air Force 1 Pack

Nautical Redux vibes takeover the Air Force 1 for summer.

Nautica Nike Air Force 1 Pack

Is it just me or has Nike been going extra hard on the Air Force 1 as of late? To be fair, Nike has been going hard on the AF1 and Air Max line as of late.

The latest Nike Air Force 1 pack has arrived with Nautica inspiration. According to Kicks USA, this pack is called the Nautical Redux pack, but people will just call these Nautica AF1s.

Nike created an Air Force 1 Low and Air Force 1 High. Which pair do you prefer? That's the real question. Both pairs are currently in stock. You can grab a pair by clicking here.

Nautica Nike Air Force 1 Pack

Photos: kool kiy

That low top blue pair looks better but if Nike had released these in the90s it would’ve been an instant sellout.

Yep, low top pair is the best of the two. Like you said, imagine if these dropped in middle/high school.

heat! both pairs, but especially the lows