LeBron James Joins the Los Angeles Lakers

Believe or not, LeBron James is headed to LA.

LeBron James Joins the Los Angeles Lakers

It's official, LeBron James is leaving Cleveland again, but this time to join the Los Angeles Lakers. The news was confirmed by several NBA insiders and media outlets on the evening of July 1.

This news ends all the rumors and speculation regarding LeBron's next move. Some people felt LeBron would stay in Cleveland, while everyone else was patiently waiting on his new decision announcement.

I think most of us knew LeBron was going to leave but didn't know where he was going to go. As weird as it may be, Bron is taking his talents to play under the impeccable Lakers dynasty.

After signing a 4-year $154M deal with Lakers, LeBron will play on the same team as many Hall of Famers with the most recent being Kobe Bryant. To me, that's why his decision to join the Lakers is so shocking.

How do you feel about LeBron's move to LA?

LeBron James Joins the Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: NBA on TNT

Definitely knew he was going there once he said it was a family decision being that his wife is from there and they were looking at schools for his son. I’m definitely Shocked that PG didn’t join him. I’m really interested to see him and Lance play together but unless they get Kawhi and possibly another star the Lakers team as currently constructed cannot beat the Warriors.

Fine I messed up on that one fact but I still knew he was gone. Regardless Golden State is still winning it again next year after their free agent signing.