It’s The Little Things That Matter

Yesterday, news broke about the Air Jordan III ’88 “Cement” Retro featuring “Nike Air” on the heel.

For those unaware, the original Air Jordan IIIs (and other numbered Jordans) were labeled with “Nike Air” instead of just the Air accompanied by the Jumpman logo. Many have clamored the return of the coveted “Nike Air” and it seems they have gotten their wish. It just goes to show, it’s really the little things that matter most.

It’s time to really delve into the use of “Nike Air” and what it really means to make a sneaker truly original for sneaker aficionados. It’s the minute details that recreate what brought us into collecting and this just takes us back to the past. For some, the “Nike Air” on the heel represents the moment that sparked our interest in sneakers that others will never understand, for others, it’s the childhood sneaker that got away.

But we have to look at it from both sides. Is it really that big of a deal?

At the end of the day, it’s just a logo. It doesn’t affect the sneaker in any way other than aesthetically, and even then, it’s very minor. Upon hearing the news of the release, opinions swayed in different directions. It was as if Jordan Brand was listening to the buyers by finally adding “Nike Air,” and on the flip side, it’s just another release of the Air Jordan III “Cement.”

Is it that? Just another Air Jordan III “Cement” release? Or is it a reminiscent and reminder of a true classic?

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