Are You Feeling This Customized Supreme Nike Collab?

Customizer adds his own touch to Supreme's latest Nike collab.

Are You Feeling This Customized Supreme Nike Collab?

Supreme has completely taken over the game of streetwear. Supreme and Off White are the brands I see the most when I'm out and about. I see A LOT of fake Supreme too.

That said, Supreme has the juice and they know it. Its latest Nike collaboration was the Zoom Streak Spectrum Plus. Two colorways were released, but the White colorway is the most popular of the two.

With the current dad shoe wave in full effect, Supreme decided to release a Nike shoe no one was checking for. Maybe you were on the fence about the original DNA, but how do you feel about this customized pair?

The founder of popular Europe based sneaker show Crepe City customized his pair by adding an Air Max 1 sole. I have to admit that the shoe does look more appealing, but I have to point out Zoom Air is 10x better than regular Air.

It's amazing how the sole can give a shoe a totally different look.

Which version do you prefer: OG or custom? Did you cop this Supreme drop?

Are You Feeling This Customized Supreme Nike Collab?

Photo: the r0n

It definitely makes that trash sneaker look better but literally no customizer or designer could save these.

LOL. I agree these look much better. You know how it goes with a lot of Supreme nowadays tho...