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Are Customizers Making Better Sneakers Than the Brands?

Let's talk about it. Some customizers are killing it.

Are Customizers Making Better Sneakers Than the Brands?

It's a fair question in 2018.

Remember a few years ago when all the sneaker blogs started posting customs everyday? Not to knock some of that work, but new age customizers have stepped their game way up. So much so, people are starting to notice how much creativity brands are lacking as of late.

Although I don't post every amazing or impressive custom on this blog or @TheShoeGame's Instagram, I'm always paying attention to how the culture is moving. I would be lying if I said customizers/DIYers aren't killing it nowadays.

I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about every customizer. No! In my opinion, there are still lots of "what is you doing, baby?" customs hitting the Internet daily.

But on the flip side, there are some insane customs being created. Some of the customs are so impressive I feel like it's kinda disrespectful to call them customs (if that makes any sense).

For example, look at what The Shoe Surgeon is currently doing. He's so nice he teaches classes. Not to mention John Geiger went from customizing sneakers with The Shoe Surgeon to creating his own shoe.

The reworked Air Max 97 pictured above was created by Namxkeel. People love his work so much you literally have to get on a waiting list if you want a pair because he's a one man show.

I posted his work on Twitter and asked my signature simple question, "Yes or No?" The feedback was so overwhelming with people blowing up TSG's mentions asking how they could get a pair. The tweet went viral on Twitter and people wanted in.

Quonito is another person who's setting the gram on fire with his work. Of course you have OG's like Mache, JBF, Jake Danklefs, and my personal favorite who's been quiet since getting hired at adidas, C2 Customs.

There are way too many people to mention, but the point of this article is to create a discussion on the current state of customs versus what brands are creating.

Do you think customizers are doing a better job than the brands?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Are Customizers Making Better Sneakers Than the Brands?

So what's the difference between unauthorized reps and the customs?....guess it's cool to wear whatever, fake or not as long as it looks good.

Wow. That speaks volumes to this topic. I wasn't either, but once I saw them a few more times I wasn't mad at them but wasn't checking for them like that.

I think the difference is UA is not authentic or "authorized" and customs are creatives changing the colors and sometimes reworking materials on authentic pairs.