All Star Nike Uptempo Pack Available

In this day and time, it’s nice to see that brands can still drop sneakers without any leaks.

The word “quickstrike” is almost a joke nowadays because so many quickstrikes are seen months in advance. Quickstrike definitely does not hold the same meaning it once held back in 2005.

Remember? No leaks on NikeTalk, ISS, Uptowns or NSB. You got a call from your connect at your local sneaker shop, and you got up off ya azz and went down to check them out.

I said all that to say this: from a guy whose been blogging about sneakers since 2006 and seeing releases 6-10 months early, it’s always refreshing when I get caught off guard. It reminds me of the old days.

I’m not in denial, I understand that I can’t live in the past, but it’s nice to be reminded of it from time to time.

Back to the shoes. Nike dropped a quickstrike Uptempo Pack for All Star Weekend. All three Uptempos are covered in a beautiful University Blue, and the simplicity of blue/white is hella fresh.

Also, shouts to Sneaker Politics for providing A1 photography of the pack.

The release date is set for Saturday, February 18.

UPDATE 3/1/17: The pack is available online via Nike.com.

Uptempo 94: bit.ly/2mdtRYQ

Uptempo 95: bit.ly/2mKYdyB

Uptempo 97: bit.ly/2mKAVJ9

Nike Uptempo All Star Pack