Since It’s YEEZi Day, Many People Think This Is Kanye West’s adidas Shoe

this is not the yeezi 3 adidasWhat do you think?

After we broke news late last night about rumors of Kanye West launching the adidas YEEZi 3 for NBA All-Star weekend it seems like Tuesday turned into YEEZi Day real quick.

Here’s a look at a brand new silhouette which many people believe could be Kanye West’s first shoe with the adidas. We’re sorry to inform you that this is NOT the adidas YEEZi 3. This new silhouette could very well be an updated version of the Tubular. Stick with TSG as we’ll continue to update you on YEEZi news and confirmation as to what silhouette is show in the photo above.

Source: @shakejmj

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